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Rockway Chiropractic Clinic in Kitchener, Ontario, can help you find relief from pain and discomfort without the use of drugs or invasive procedures.

Pain and discomfort can occur for a variety of reasons.  It can be from an injury or even prolonged bad posture.  It’s easy to reach for the painkillers to provide quick relief, but drugs don’t address the root cause of the problem, which means that pain and discomfort will be back as soon as the pain meds wear off.

At Rockway Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Greg Bidinosti specializes in helping his patients find long-term relief from pain and discomfort.  

Dr. Greg has been helping patients for over 20 years with a variety of issues, including back or neck issues, headaches, sore shoulders, arthritis, injuries (from car accidents, work or sports), pregnancy stress, sore feet and legs (or if you are wearing our your shoes abnormally), athletic performance, and more!

Your first appointment will be an assessment where he will learn about your medical history and your current systems.  He will ask you to perform certain movements and have you sit or lay down so he can feel the problem areas with his hands.  Once he has determined the cause of the issue, he will create a customized treatment plan specifically to address your needs.  Occasionally, further diagnostics, such as x-rays, may be needed.  You may also receive your first treatment that day.

Your treatment plan may include quick adjustments, massage of tight joints and muscles, and slow stretches.  He may also give you stretches to perform at home in between appointments to help speed your recovery.

Dr. Greg has helped many people find relief, and you can read through their testimonials to see how effective his treatments are.

Rockway Chiropractic Clinic is located at 625 King Street East, Unit 1B in Kitchener.  For more information or to book an appointment, call 519-744-4745.

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