What To Expect

Care You Can Count On!

Dr. Greg Bidinosti and his staff are passionate about helping others, regardless of what ails you. The number of problems that can be helped through regular chiropractic care may surprise you! From infant colic, to back pain relief, to headaches, injuries and arthritis – Rockway Chiropractic Clinic can help!


Your First Visit

It starts with a little paperwork, of course. We need to know who you are and why you called us.

(You can download our New Patient Forms for Adults or Kids from the green box)

Dr. Bidinosti will review what you’ve written and then invite you to talk about whatever has brought you to our clinic. We will explore what you’re feeling, as well as how and when it may have started.

If it seems like a problem we can help you with, we’ll move on to the physical examination.

(The exam will take place in private, and you will keep your clothing on.) 

If we need to see or feel the skin under your clothing directly, you will be asked first if this okay. Your comfort and privacy will always be respected.

We’ll then look at your posture and ability to bend and twist. We’ll have you sit or lay down on our exam table so we can feel the problem areas with our hands, including:

• Which bones and joints are moving properly – and which are not?
• Is there any joint tenderness or inflammation?
• Are the muscles tight?  Are the nerves irritated?
• Are the signals that normally pass through your nervous system somehow being affected?
• Where is your pain coming from?

When your exam is complete we’ll decide if further tests are required (i.e. x-rays), or if we have enough information to tell you what is wrong, and make the appropriate recommendations for care. We’ll always review your consent to treatment, and a care plan will be made that is unique for you.

No two people are the same, so no two plans will be exactly alike.
Everything will be discussed with you before your care begins!

Sometimes we can start your treatment the first day. This will depend on the complexity of your problems. If it is an uncomplicated case, no x-rays or other tests and information is required, and time allows, we can likely begin your care right away.

Your Treatment

Your treatment at Rockway Chiropractic Clinic is traditional, hands-on care designed to restore balance and mobility to stiff, achy joints and muscles. The foundation of chiropractic and the meaning of our profession’s name is, “to heal with the hands.”

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Greg will feel and correct your trouble areas using the time-tested and research-validated techniques that are most appropriate for you. There are many different types of chiropractic techniques, which are sometimes referred to as “adjustments” or manual therapy.

Your care may consist of: 

  • Slow Stretches
  • Quick Adjustments
  • Massage Of Tight Joints & Muscles


doctor greg, rockway chiropractic

Dr. Greg will do his very best to start you on the path to regaining the good feeling and well-being you’ve been looking for.

Like your examination, treatment will take place in a private room, with your clothing on. Treatment will be performed with you sitting or lying down on our adjusting table, and you will have the full attention of your chiropractor.  This is not an open clinic where there are multiple tables and strangers in the same room. You will only be cared for and treated by Dr. Greg.  We will not delegate your care to an assistant or technician.

We don’t use fancy gadgets or hook you up to mysterious machines at Rockway,
and we certainly don’t have you sit in a dark corner of the clinic to exercise on your own!

If exercises are required as a part of your care plan,
you will be instructed on how to perform them in the comfort of your own home.


As always, the more diligent you are at keeping your appointments and performing any prescribed exercise, the better your chances of success will be.  While no one can ever guarantee the results of a health care treatment, we promise to always do our best for you. A series of chiropractic treatments over a specific period of time will be recommended for you. The amount of care required is different for each person, but we will try to get you back to good health as soon as we can. The most effective program is typically two sessions per week and will often involve care for a 4 to 6 week period. A progress assessment is performed following your initial course of care to check how well your body has improved with your chiropractic adjustments.

The best results will be achieved when you follow the plan to its natural conclusion, whatever your goals may be:
  • When you’re feeling better
  • When you feel that your body is more balanced and healthy
  • When you’re able to play your games, or perform your regular activities to your highest ability

Many of our patients choose to continue their chiropractic care after their initial problem has been resolved.  Wellness/maintenance care is a great way to preserve the positive changes your body has achieved.  Again, how long you choose to benefit from chiropractic care is always up to you.  We’re here to help.

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